Süzer Group Newsletter
February 2016

Mustafa Süzer

Süzer Group Honorary President
Message from Mustafa Süzer

As we are leaving 2015 behind, the success we have achieved in our sectors gives me immense happiness.

Our companies make us proud not only in Turkey but abroad as well. We are growing in finance sector. Kent Factoring in Turkey and KentBank in Croatia are taking big steps. In tourism sector, we keep on moving forward with our hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul.

Süzer Grubu exchanged ideas about potential joint venture opportunities with Club Med

Süzer Grubu exchanged ideas about potential joint venture opportunities with Club Med

Süzer Group’s Honorary President Mustafa Süzer attended the opening of new Club Med in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as a guest of Club Med’s CEO and President Henri Giscard d’Estaing.

KentBank’ın Varazdin Şubesi Açıldı

KentBank opens its Varazdin Branch

Süzer Group’s KentBank is continuing to grow its number of branches in Croatia. The newest branch is Varazdin Branch. The opening ceremony of the branch was attended by important names of Varazdin’s cultural and political circle.

Kent Factoring Kârlılığını %100’ün Üzerinde Artırdı

KentFactoring increased its profits more than 100%

Due to the cautious policies, Kent Factoring’s revenue reached 316 million TL by the end of October 2015. Based on that figure, it is estimated that Kent Factoring will have an increase in its profits more than 100% compared to last year.

BAGDAŞ Büyümeye Devam Ediyor

BAGDAŞ is continuing to grow

As of November 2015, BAGDAS has 18,371 (23,111 BBS) subscribers. It acquired a record of 4,394 (5,838 BBS) new subscribers this year.


EKO FMS is growing in Turkey

EKO FMS is continuing its sales and marketing activities according to its strategic plan. The new Project which will start is Balikesir’s Officer’s Club.

Dilek Ağacı Bu Yıl da Çocukları Sevindirdi

Wish Tree brought joy to children again this year

Eko FMS’ social responsibility project “Wish Tree” has become a tradition for Süzer Plaza. And this year is no different. A Christmas tree, decorated with little red boxes containing New Year’s wishes of young children has been put up in the entrance of Süzer Plaza.


Achievement of Success to Gülderen Budak and Ritz Family

Edge Award was taken by Gülderen Budak in the name of Ritz Carlton Istanbul. We congratulate Gülderen Budak and Ritz Family for receiving this award that is given to one among 3000 hotels by Marriott Group each year.

Gülderen Budak'a Büyük Onur
Ali Süzer Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü Derneği Avrupa’dan Başarıyla Döndü

Ali Süzer Youth and Sports Club returned from Europe with success

Ali Süzer Youth and Sports Club had become the undefeated champion at the tournament for Turkey’s Volleyball Championship for Hearing Impaired last May, and three members of the team were selected to the national team.

Süzer Plaza, “Kadına Yönelik Şiddete Karşı Birleşin” Kampanyası Kapsamında16 Gün Boyunca Turuncu Renkle Işıklandırıldı

Süzer Plaza joined the campaign “Unite Against Violance to Women”

In November, the United Nations started a campaign called “Unite Against Violance to Women” throughout the world. As a part of the Campaign, Süzer Plaza, among other major buildings in Istanbul, turned the building lights to orange.

Süzer Grubu Çalışanları Yeni Yıla Merhaba Dedi

Süzer Group’s employees welcomed New Year

Süzer Group’s employees welcomed New year at a party. During his speech at the party Mr. Mustafa Süzer, Honorary President of Süzer Group, thanked everybody for their efforts in bringing success to the Group.

Ertuğrul Ateş“Aşk & Aşk” ile EkavartGallery’de

EKAVArt Gallery is hosting Ertuğrul Ateş’ “Love&Love”

EKAV / Education, Culture and Research Foundation welcomes in its first exhibition of the New Year titled “Love & Love” presenting the most recent paintings of Ertuğrul Ateş at Ekavart Gallery.