My Dear Friends,

“Sustainable development” is one of the most compelling paths pursued by the companies, since a visionary and innovative approach necessitate a strong will and an uninterrupted motivation. We, as Süzer Group, have always been one of the most significant leaders of the sustainable development concept in the business world of our country. Besides the activities we actualized successfully in Turkey in the history of our Group exceeding 60 years, we have always gone after innovativeness both within the framework of exportation and within the meaning of local and foreign investments. We have put forward an approach which can successfully answer to the circumstances and conditions of the local and global business world and which will make a development process for the better a sustainable one. We have determined our fields of business accordingly and when necessary, expanded our service environment and also focused on certain areas and continued to proceed in the path of success where we never compromised on quality.

We, as Süzer Group, are again through a development and breakthrough process as of the year 2015. We jump-started the year we are in. The renovations came one after the other. Besides our successful investments within the country, we have been accelerating the foreign projects that we focus again greatly in recent years. KentBank in Croatia is one of the best examples in this respect. Our Bank has become one of the most important banks of Croatia within a very short period of time and is now in a position directing the market in such country.

On the other hand, we have a very significant and serious breakthrough in the USA. We reconstruct a 165 year old building we purchased in New York as a private residence. Our other investment in the USA is our new hotel project in Miami. There is a private beach in the hotel which will have an ultra luxurious concept. Our works speedily continue in both of our projects. I believe that besides such projects, the new projects we will announce in 2015 and thereafter will provide valuable contribution to the 2023 vision of our country which our country values greatly and this will make us all proud.

Our high performance and innovative approach that we, as Süzer Group, have brought forward in recent years will be pursued by us also in the subsequent periods. Growth in all our fields of business, continuing investments both in Turkey and abroad and creating value for our Turkey will continue to be our most important target

With my respect and love,

Mustafa Süzer
Honorary Chairman of Süzer Group

June 2015

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