Süzer Foundation

We, as Süzer Group, have been pursuing the sole purpose since the first day of our establishment: Offering contribution to this geography and society where we live and which is blended with love; supporting the construction of a future taking the peace, confidence, sensibility, sharing as a basis.

Within the sphere of this mission, Süzer Foundation established by Süzer Group companies, directors and members of Süzer family continues to reserve funds for many fields, particularly education, so as to contribute to the social and cultural development of our country, on the basis of “solidarity” concept which is one of our traditional values. Süzer Foundation to which a specific percentage of the profits of Group companies are transferred each and every year is working from this day forth for the future.

Süzer Foundation, as an outcome of its mission, contributed to the education of new generations and Turkey of the future by constructing and donating to the Ministry of National Education 8 fully equipped elementary and secondary level schools so far.

Regular scholarships bestowed to the students constitute an example that the education support has become permanent and institutional. Süzer Foundation, supporting elementary and secondary school education by means of the schools constructed by the same has also provided scholarships to 605 undergraduate and postgraduate students so far so as to bestow a warm hand also on the educational needs of the university students. As of the year 2018, the number of students gaining scholarship from Süzer Foundation is 75.

The Foundation not only contributes to our people suffering from natural disasters, but also provides real and cash supports to the segments in need and executes support activities in the field of health.

Süzer Group shall, through Süzer Foundation, continue to fulfill its humanitarian and conscious obligation to some extent for the sake of these territories and our community where it was born, grown up and developed and to exert its sources to a maximum extent with a view to effectuate its mission remolded in sincerity.

Activities of the Foundation

Clothing Support to 3000 Students in VanVan
Clothing Support Campaign of Turkish Association for the HandicappedThroughout Turkey
Support to Atlanta National Convention within the scope of “Education Does not Accept any Barriers”
Hasan Süzer High School Gaziantep
Search and Rescue Team Support for Gölcük Earthquakeİzmit
Etimesgut Armored Forces Command Kemalism ClassroomAnkara
Cennet Süzer Kindergarden Gaziantep
Cennet Süzer Education Practice SchoolGaziantep
Annex Building for Oncology Institute of Çapa Faculty of Medicine Science of Istanbul University İstanbul
Ali Süzer Special Education Vocational High SchoolGaziantep
Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum Gaziantep
Ali Süzer Elementary School Gaziantep
İsmihan İsmet Süzer Elementary Schoolİstanbul
Teachers’ LodgeMalatya
Hasan Süzer Memorial ForestMalatya
Clothing Support to Dumlupınar Elementary SchoolVan
Disabled Chair Donation To Turkish Association for the Handicappedİstanbul
Donation to Efes Foundation for Efes Ancient City Excavation (2 times)
Donation to Ali Süzer Youth and Sports Association
Scholarship for 605 students (by now)
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