KentBank d.d.

Turkish bank addressing from Croatia to the finance world

KentBank d.d., which was established in Croatia in 1998 under the title ‘Banka Brod’, participated in the structure of Süzer Group in 2011 and upon its change of title, it reflected such change on its activities befitting our Group and was turned from a local identity into an international trademark. The Bank which addresses to investors not only in the EU member Croatia, but also to the investors in the international area, engages in activities in its 14 branches throughout the country and rapidly responds to all needs of its customers through internet and mobile banking which is the last phase of the new generation service perception. KentBank d.d. embodies all products, services and instruments in the finance and banking fields.

KentBank d.d. which has been awarded with the title of ‘the most rapidly growing bank’ of the country within the last two years, has realized its such growth by means of protecting and maintaining its active quality and strong capital structure. The Bank is acting with a strategic vision aiming at pursuing its growth through the to-be-newly-opened branches in Croatia in short term and being converted into a regional bank status via its affiliates and branches with an approach exceeding the boundaries of the country in the medium term.

Based upon the international and national regulations, KentBank d.d., serving at the global scale with a perception taking the customer claims as the basis, embraces -with its qualified and favorable services- everyone in need of banking products.

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